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How to Date Russian Women and Actually Have Fun

Date russian womenMaybe you have had many dates with other women before, but now you are wondering how to date Russian women and actually enjoy yourself.  So here are the tips that will transform your love life with Russian women:
  • Relax.  Probably this sounds like a cliché, but it is the prerequisite of having a fantastic date with a Russian woman!  Usually, when you are going out on a date with a woman from other countries, you prepare well, you think about what you are going to say, and you are so careful every step of the way!  This is very draining!  Yet with Russian women, you should totally relax, because Russian women are often very relaxed.
  • Let Russian women entertain you.  As Russian women know how to have a good time (this is not about vodka), you need to give them the opportunity to entertain you!  Russian women like to have fun, and most of them are playful, so they are just amazing at making you happy.  Remember: your Russian girlfriend wants to know that she is working hard to get you, thereby cherishing you even more.
  • Create situations in which having fun is guaranteed.  Don’t do the typical "dinner-and-movie” date which only makes you yawn!  When you date Russian women, you can choose activities such as eating ice cream in the park, viewing the starry night at the beach and a candle-lit dinner for two at home – Yes, asking her to cook for you is actually a great idea because you should let her invest in the relationship with you – once she has invested in this relationship, she doesn’t want to lose you anymore (this is psychology).  Also, these activities are more intimate, which makes it much easier for you to have a good time.

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